One of the funnest, and most challenging things I’ve done in my life was Climbing the Middle Tetons! The elevation 12,804. The only thing harder is the Grand which is 13,770 elevation.
The Grand is a 2 day event, and we climbed to the top of the Middle in one long day!

We climbed to the very top of this!

Pin It We started in pitch dark…about 5:00 a.m., at Lupine Meadows

Easy so far!

I was still a happy camper!

The sun finally coming up…..WOW!

Time for a picture break.

The view so far was stunning….as you see, for a short while you are on dirt, not for long though!

Yelling……don’t fall off the side!

Still…..a long ways to go!Getting steeper and rougher!

yeah….right. We’re climbing to the top of that! Piece of cake from down here.

Steeper than it looks, what happened to the dirt trail?

It’s stunningly beautiful, but getting tired.Trust me…….the trail is completely gone. Just climbing boulders now.The saddle….yeah….we are hungry!

Food break! I’m not feeling hungry, just nauseous at this point….a little Altitude sickness, and a roaring headache!Can’t stop now…..we’ve gone too far. Most people camp at the saddle, and finish the next day.
Not us, we trudged on and on and on!Almost!

If you have a fear of heights…(which thankfully I don’t)……you will be clinging to the edge. Don’t look down…..yikes!

What a view!

This is PROOF that I actually made it. The silver marker says: You did it….you climbed to the top of the Middle Teton. Note: Altitude sickness is not fun…….you now have to climb down the mountain to get home!!!!! Actually you run down….cuz it’s steep! YIKESFinally we are back to the trailhead…..are those smiles on our faces???

I’m older now…..can I do the Grand?
Yeah…..leathers and all!

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