“Oakleigh Noel”

Addisyn meets Oakleigh
Bridger meeting his new little Cousin

Mom and Baby are doing well!
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  • Berta

    SO FANTASTIC! Congrats, family – she is just beautiful, new and cherished! Shannon looks wonderful and so happy – probably a bit sore and tired and this point in time! Thinking about you!

  • Brandi

    Im so jealous of all the time that you are having with her. I miss the little beauty and want to hold her so badly. I LOVE the picture of her in the arms of whoever is in the blue shirt. So precious. If only I looked as beautiful as Shannon after I had babies…but I don't care about putting make-up on! I love you little Oakleigh!!!

  • Danielle

    Shannon does look great as always! and as for you Bran…I don't feel bad for you at all that you haven't spent more time with her…I haven't even held the angel!!

  • The Russells

    You lucky duck you ~ getting to watch her yesterday while they came down to moms!! I'll probably never get to watch her cause Blake and Shannon will be worried about all the hooligans I have around here…she'd get loved to pieces! She is a real cutie patootie!! It was fun to see you guys at the hospital!! But now you need to share the baby {wink,wink}! Just jokin' ~ you guys are great! Love you guys!

  • Mary Z

    What a beauty. We are having a "baby" summer also. Nothing funner!