This Cracks me Up!…..Well…Sort of?

I don’t really like Cats, but I couldn’t resist posting this funny picture that Rexann sent me.
After I laughed out loud, my head started thinking about what this picture really means. I’ve decided that regardless of our own weight, we are always wishing we were like someone else. Why is that?

Here’s a great example of that: I have a good friend who is teency-tiny. Now….I’m a size 3 or a size 5, depending on my salt intake, and how many Ritz Crackers I consumed the night before. After I have spent time around her, I feel like a “Beached Whale!” I go back home feeling “less than!” GET MY POINT?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could simply waltz up to a cosmetic counter and purchase a bottle of SELF -CONFIDENCE, the way we buy, so called miracle creams for our faces?
When I was younger, I think I WAS confident………Now……..I think I JUST pretend to be.
My Self-Confidence seems to have an “On – OFF – Switch.” We have all been programmed to think that we need to look like Cindy Crawford, and entertain like Martha Stewart! I think it’s making us all tired!!! We are all very hard on ourselves. We not only want to be other people, we want to be perfect versions of them.
I was watching a program the other night about the Amish People. Even though they look and act differently than the rest of society, they seem to radiate confidence. They really don’t pay any attention to how others perceive them. The program highlighted the Amish Quilters.
There talents are incredible. I learned that Amish Quilters will deliberately add a mismatched patch to each of their quilts to remind themselves that there is only one perfect being. This reminds them …..that their best is good enough! I wish we could all take a page from their book.

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