I search: For things I put in a safe place, and then forget where I put them.
I wonder: What to cook every dang night!
I regret: Saying mean things when I could have been kind.
I love: My husband.
I care: About the future my children & grandchildren will have.
I always: Vacuum everyday.
I worry: That my husband will die on a snowmobile!
I am not: Good with clutter.
I remember: The first date with my husband. (We only had 3 dates then we were engaged)
I believe: In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
I sing: even though…..I can’t sing.
I dance: In my head. Once you are married they never take you anymore.
I don’t always: Do what I’m prompted to do. Argggg
I argue: When I think I’m right.
I write: Love poems for my Husband.
I win: Everyday….I’m blessed.
I lose: Every Argument.
I wish: I was always thinner.
I listen: To soothing music.
I play: The piano.
I don’t understand: Women!
I can usually be found: In the kitchen
I am scared: of Alzheimer’s Disease
I need: Something sweet after every meal!
I forget: That starting an argument does absolutely NO GOOD! It’s useless.
I am happy: In my marriage.
I tag…..All who read my blog!

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