~There’s Nothing like a fresh start~

It’s been quite a while since my last post, and I’ve missed it. If anyone had told me that I would be blogging, I would have laughed out loud! Now, I have another bad habit, that I don’t intend to break.

If only you could read the blogs I create in my head… at night, while lying awake in bed. Too bad, that they are completely erased from my memory in the morning. I have a lot of fellow bloggers who have inspired me to learn something new. (Brandi, Chant, Shanon & Danielle)
I do however still need to convince my good husband, that it is not a waste of my time.
I can see now, that it is quite addictive indeed!

In my absence from blogging…

I read an excellent book called: “Tuesdays with Morrie”
Author – Mitch Albom

I’ve wanted to read this book for some time now, but haven’t taken the time. My loss!
You can read this book in just one or two days, and rest assured you won’t regret it.
This is a true story that makes you feel better, think better and live better. Indeed a good read. It’s sitting on my shelf, if anyone want’s to borrow it.

One of the the ideas in this book is Lists. Make lists that make you think, re-evaluate, grow!
Here are mine:

Things that make me happy!
My husband…Kenny

My Children…Brandi, Chantri, Shannon & Danielle

My adorable Grandchildren…Logan, Bridger, Addisyn & Boston

My Good Parents

My Mother in Law…My Father in Law…in a better place now

My brother & Sisters

Good friends

My home…thankyou honey

The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…my testimony


The computer…didn’t have this gift even in College

The sunshine

My Grand Piano

Clocks…thanks Danielle for the newest addition


Sewing…gotta get back to it

The snow…when I’m in a warm house with the fire going


A hot shower

A clean house

Things that make me sad!

An unhappy husband

A mother is only as happy as her saddest child

Unhappy children

Christmas being over

My hair… it takes far too long…grateful I have it though


A dirty house…unorganized

Not accomplishing enough


My lists could go on and on! Try it, it really makes you think. Guess I will leave you with a something to think about:

How come if you forget what you were going to say…..

You don’t forget…..

that you were going to say something!

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