On Friday, we headed to Evanston, Wyoming – “my growing up town.” On the way, we passed through a little town by the name of Woodruff, Utah. A big “hoopla” was going on in this little teeny tiny town. You ask what? Look See! No kidding. For real!

It’s been a little while since we’ve been home, and it felt good. My Sister Heidi and her family were also going to be visiting my parents, so it was a great time to go visit. Heidi & Mike just had a baby girl in March, and I was anxious to see her for the first time. They already have 3 boys, and so this little girl was pretty exciting for their family. I asked if I could bring Draper home with me, but Heidi wouldn’t let me!

It was also great to see Leslie, Rick and their kids as well. We had some great conversation and some teriffic meals. Thanks Mom. I was thankful to see that my Dad was looking & feeling better since his Cancer surgery. We are praying & hoping for the best everyday. It seems that Cancer is in everyone’s families. My husbands sister (Lisa) is also suffering with Cancer, and she is very young. Are prayers are also with them as well. Thanks Mom & Dad for a great weekend.
The sweetest little chubby cheeked angel

This is their Dog:
He’s the perfect little dog, he just sat in this chair all weekend!

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