The Nerve of that Woman….but I still like chips!

Today, while standing at the checkout counter at the “Newly remodeled & greatly improved,” Albertsons store…..I was humiliated! Let me explain:
I grabbed a separator bar….you know, that plastic thing that says…..”Those are hers, & these are mine….separator bars. Carefully, I began to place my groceries one on top of the other, onto my seven inches of allotted space. The lady in front of me, payed me absolutely no attention……however, the lady behind me ruined my day!
She stood with her feet firmly planted, arms crossed, and glared at me with that….
“HURRY UP!” kind of look. Oh….how I wished I was an octopus at that very moment. You know what happens, when you are trying to hurry, but your nervous????
I speedily lumped one item on top of the other, as fast as my fumbling hands could move. The groceries were merely…….hanging on for Dear Life! All of a sudden, the most important items came crashing to the floor. Here they are in living color!

I reached down….grabbed them, and quickly put them back in place.


The cashier laughed, the bagger boy laughed, and I turned around with a red face! I grabbed the bag of tiny carrots, and the green grapes that still laid patiently in the cart, and held them up for her to see. I then said:

“Yup….I sure do……….That’s why I also eat these!” Then I grabbed the last remaining item in my cart with complete humiliation………It was a box of MILKDUDS!

I didn’t turn around again.

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