SUMMER …Are you over yet?

Where has the time gone?
Summer are you almost over?
Don’t get me wrong, I love the warmth of the sun, but…..
who said: “The lazy days of Summer?”
Well….they didn’t have a large yard to keep weeded and mowed
or a
I decided I better take a few pictures before everything is gone.

We have delicious berries in our yard.
These little critters are yummy, but require a lot of picking time.
I freeze them, and use them throughout the year.
If someone could produce a Raspberry without the seeds,
they would make millions!

For anyone who has raspberry patches,
you know…..
they multiply every year!
The deer just won’t leave these little plants alone!

Up close, the flower on potatoes is quite pretty!

Look at the beautiful colors of the Corn silk, when the cobs are forming!

Sweet Corn and red potatoes for dinner tonight.

I’ve put a lot of Broccoli in the freezer…
it grows as fast as zucchini!

I’ve picked too many peas to count.
Lots of washing, blanching and freezing.
The colors of corn!

Summer….are you over yet?
I think I’m tired!
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  • Mary Z

    Looks like you have a bountiful garden. I am jealous. I did not plant one this year. Raspberries I die for and even love the seeds in them. Nice pictures.

  • Jessica

    OH YUM!!!
    Just when your picking, make sure you pick enough for ME!!
    Great pictures, and I agree…"are you over yet?!"

  • Barbara

    Having a garden is one of the things I miss MOST about not living in the east anymore.. Your garden is soooo beautiful. What a way to feel like the summer was worth it!!
    We just stay in for the most beat the heat we swim…but I would love to have a garden again.