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Today was a magical day. Nothing spectacular, just “hair-color” day. Something I dread, more than anything…..but also look forward to that day. It’s funny how ugly I feel, when 1/2″ of white hair springs from my roots, like an ugly weed! As I grow older, that simple hair color, seems to revitalize me and make me feel youthful again. I’m never “thrilled” with the color, but the alternative is much worse! Thank you Honey for allowing me this bit of unnecessary pleasure!

For years, I operated my own Salon…”The BackDoor”…it nested quietly in my Rexburg home basement. For years, I enjoyed it, and felt like I was contributing a little bit….small as it was. I was very lucky though, my good husband never expected that little bit of money to complement the paycheck he brought home. For that, I am very “thankful” indeed. Whatever notion I could dream up in my head, he always has supported. The list of those silly notions, could feel an entire page. A couple that come to mind other than my beauty salon, are: Clothing store, selling Tupperware…and others too stupid to deserve any space on this blog!

For years, I listened to clients as they “poured out their hearts”, about every topic known to man. I nodded politely, or said things like….”really, your kidding, no way, I’m so sorry.. ect”….all while filling nails, cutting, coloring, thinning and blowing hair. In fact, most woman…and some men… “let loose” while in the salon. I’m sure after they walk out the door, and have a moment to think about things they blurted… so matter-of-factly, they want to curl up and hide!

Today, I also listened. I listened to heart-felt pain about a break up. I listened to a woman who had recently wrecked her car. I listened to the phone ring, while appointments were being made or canceled. I listened to conversations that sounded so typical and ordinary…. but, seemed to cause so much pain! There is hurt and pain going on wherever you look….but life doesn’t stop for even one minute, to feel your frustration! I realized that none of us are immune to “REAL LIFE.”

The salon, seems to be a place to…”Tell the truth about your life!” The world splits open, for that short spell in the chair.
For some strange reason,the person “blurting” doesn’t feel,
in that short window of time. My job, “while doing the hair,” and my job while…”getting the hair done,”…seems to be the same. My role seems to be like a detective. I listen for clues, gather information, make connections and try to put it all together. My bigger job though, is to “FORGET EVERYTHING I HEARD,” when I leave!

Back to my question: “What would happen if all woman told the TRUTH about their life? Answer: “The World would split open!”
I know why fourteen years of hair was enough! I believe….I couldn’t forget any longer, and it wore me out. I’m also thankful that my good husband didn’t care about my choice to retire! I am indeed blessed!

I guess that all those “listenings” only make us stronger, wiser, and more grateful. I guess, we have to push past our comfort zone, to handle the good as well as the bad that life dishes out! Some of that “grap” makes us more determined, and gives us the courage to push forward. I think it takes courage to look life straight in the eye and accept it as reality.

Life is like a run-away freight train. The track runs both ways, but you can’t go back. I can’t go back to hair that didn’t need colored, or a face that didn’t look traveled on. I guess we just need to “learn to live….so that we didn’t wish we could go back!” There is sadness everywhere, and life doesn’t stop for any of it. The truth is: “Life can only be as happy as we are!”

As I was writing my check, to pay for my “un-gray” hair. I was saddened by what I heard. The beautiful girl who broke up with her boyfriend said: “I feel as if I have to ‘shut-down’ so that I can keep his approval.”

I felt myself get sweaty and nervous, because I knew she was hurting, and needed to hear something that would make a difference.
I looked at her and said this: “I guess you will just have to decide …”What you’re worth!” She didn’t say anything else, but I think she understood what I meant. I hope so.

I remember something my Grandma Lunsford often did. She would pull me over to a mirror, and say: “Look in the mirror dear…..I want to see how happy you are!”

*I finally understand why she did that.*

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