I just got off the phone with a friend, who asked me….”What are you feeling now?”
“That’s a very hard question to answer!”….I told her.
On the one hand, I feel great relief…..and very Thankful!
Thankful that all my daughters have chosen to marry in the temple.
Thankful that they all have great husbands, who love them.
Relief that I don’t have anymore weddings to plan….and worry about.
Relief that we have raised our daughters…..but also “worry” about what the future will hold for their children.

She went on to ask me this question: “How was the sealing?”
“Well,” I said…….”That question brings up a lot of emotions!”
“Like what,”…she responded. To which I responded:
“I looked around that room…nervous…my toes were twitching like crazy. (She knows of my nervous habit)…. I saw people who were happy and seemed elated to be there. My daughters were all sitting….wide-eyed and beautiful on my right side, along with their husbands….and many family and friends.
(Keep in mind that we were up at 4:30 a.m…….and had to be at the temple by 7:00 a.m….the sealing was at 8:20 in the morning!)
It didn’t seem to matter though……everyone looked radiant!
On the left side of the room was Brian’s wonderful family and friends. My Mom was sitting on a chair to my right, and Cindy and her Mom were sitting to my left.

All of a sudden my Dad walked in, ready to marry them….. holding the marriage certificate, and dressed in his white suit and tie. WOW……that was amazing! I had a huge lump in my throat, and I knew My Dad, was trying to hold back his emotions. I can’t begin to tell you how special that was.

Like magic, the happy couple walked in the door, and took their place on a beautiful bench between us. I looked over at the two of them, (glowing) and realized that within 5 minutes or so…..they would be married. I was so happy, to be at that place…….at that time.

I have to admit though…..with every daughter…..I have felt the same emotion about this:
I look across the room at my very handsome husband, and wish he was sitting next to me…instead of across the room. I know, I know….but four times I had that same feeling run through me!

My Dad stood, and choking back the tears (he’s a sealer)…….gave them a beautiful message and a little advice. Mom and Dad have been married for over 50 years now, and if anyone has the right to offer advice….I think he does. Then, in a flash, they were married…..and kissing over the alter. I felt like I had extreme heart burn……but I don’t believe that was the problem.

Danielle and I were wisked back to the gorgeous Bride’s room, and she perfected her already beautiful face. I have to say that the Salt Lake Temple, and all their wonderful staff….could not possibly treat a bride and her Mom… any better. They make that Bride feel like royalty!

We gathered all our belongings…..and I grabbed the fresh rose bouquet, of pink and white roses. (I was really worried about that bouquet. I picked it up from the Rose Shop in Idaho Falls, early thursday morning, and we hauled it to SLC, in a cooler with ice blocks to help preserve it. Believe it or not, it still looked pretty darn good by Friday afternoon. However the pictures below will prove that the wedding is over!! So are the flowers! *Note: Look closely at the picture below. It proves that pink roses last much longer than white roses!

I was very aware of a thumping headache that stayed with me throughout the entire day, but it still didn’t marr the occasion. (Side note: We parked under the convention center at 6:30 a.m., that leads to the temple. I opened the back of the Escalade and raised it high. I grabbed the brides bouquet from the cooler, and Danielle’s Dress, ect. Kenny thought I had cleared far enough away, and brought the door down, hard. However, it came down on my head instead! OUCH……that brought tears to my eyes, and a thump to my head!

We met with Brian in the long halls of the temple, pinned his boutinerre to the lapel on his beautiful Chocolate Brown Tuxedo….. (What a good looking guy)….and made are way up some long stairs. Everyone realizes that once the Mother finally walks through the glass doors…the Bride and Groom are shortly to follow.

It was all smiles as they exited the temple doors.
Everyone except for Chantri was now able to relax. Chant was such a great photographer! We are so very lucky…….Thanks so much Chant for all the beautiful pictures you took, of all the family, friends and of course the “Love Birds!”
The proof is in the pictures:
*My favorite picture!

WOW….ALL MARRIED NOW! What a Proud Mom!


THAN THE WHITE ROSES! (I took this photo today)

This morning I cleaned up the basement, and couldn’t help
but notice 3 large empty bedrooms. This bedroom is
Danielle’s. Look on the wall above her bed…..those are all
prom pictures from High School! Lots of them.
(I think I will probably have to re-paint those walls)
More reminders of another wedding! Empty spaces.
Danielle and Brian needed the couch and love seat that
once occupied this space. They needed it more than I did!
I really only go to the basement to clean….once a week.

Empty closets!… Except for one closet which holds wedding
dresses and slips and veils! These dresses are indeed –
beautiful, but what do we do with them now???

What beautiful work our photographer does.
Thanks again Chant!
For any of you “MOM’S”……preparing a wedding, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building…for
a dinner afterwards does a marvelous job. For weeks, I coordinated through email, letters,
phone-calls, with a great lady by the name of Cyd McBride. We did the same for Shannon’s wedding dinner. These wedding consultants and Florists…..know what they are doing.
We had Shannon’s dinner in the Bonneville Room, and Danielle’s Dinner in the gorgeous Empire Room. It turned out perfectly! If your daughter or Son gets married in SLC, UT……that is the
way to go. Chantri will probably post more pictures….even some from the dinner, on her blog.
A big Thank You to all who helped make this day special. A big Thanks to All my daughters for listening, helping and calming my nerves. (Yes I’m the great worrier!) A big Thanks to Jerri, Bob and Holly for babysitting….so very early in the morning. Thanks to all the friends and family who not only had to get hotel rooms, but also had to take a full day off of work! We love you all.
A big hug for our Photographer! A big Thanks to Brian’s wonderful family!
The biggest Thanks to a very patient, giving and wonderful HUSBAND……Who pays for it all
and never asks what it costs……not once in four weddings….now that’s an amazing guy!
He lives by this motto: (The father of the bride is to:)
Wedding #4…….is now complete.
Well……..”HOW DO I FEEL NOW?”… ask.
My answer would have to be:

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