I think I love Monday’s! Not because it’s my big clean day, but because it’s a new start for the week. I make new goals on Sunday night while lying in bed, and of course by the end of the week……I’ve usually only accomplished, one of them, and most of the time…..NONE OF THEM!

Hey….at least I made an effort.

Today I was scrubbing the bathroom floor, below the “Oh so Clean Toilet!” I started laughing out loud. WHY? Well….I’ll tell you. I’m not used to little Boys! There peeing machinery operates much differently than the 4 little girls that I raised. Girls dribble – boys on the other hand, shoot like a loaded hose coming from a fire truck! When my little grandsons, (Bridger & Logan) age 3 are heading for one of my toilets, I always say: “Don’t Pee on my floor!”
They just look at me funny, and promise they won’t. They always do!
I’m still laughing……so Pee or not……today is a good day!
Oh yeah…..I’m making one of my hubbies favorites: Old Fashioned Beef Stew. I will post the recipe on my Get Off Your Butt & Bake Blog“…….soon. It’s delish on a Cold, windy day.
p.s….I just realized I’m blaming the “little boys,” for all the pee-tracks. It very well could have been, all the “big boys,” that were in this house over the weekend.

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