Have any of you had this box pop up, while trying to view some of your favorite blogs?
Examples: Berta’s Blog, Picky Palate, Sisters Cafe, Fresh Air, Get Off Your Butt and Bake! etc.
Well I have, and it is so annoying!
After reading many articles on this problem, I have learned this:
Know one really knows how to solve this problem.

It has something to do with advanced html coding that Internet Explorer doesn’t understand!
Firefox does however. Maybe we all need to change to Firefox.
Some websites said to remove site-meter and some other gadgets and elements, it still didn’t take care of the problem. I also followed many directions from tech websites to correct this problem. None of them seemed to work for me.
Finally, I took matters into my own hands, and figured out how to avoid this problem. If you are also seeing this popup, this is what I did…..be it right or wrong……it works for me.

Go to tools: then click on internet options
Then click on the Security Tab
Click on Restricted Sites
There will be a box where you can add the website or blog address of a blog you have been unable to view. NO MORE operation aborted popup! You can then easily view these favorite websites.
If anyone has a better way to take care of this problem, please let us all know. I hope this post helps someone else who has been slightly annoyed!
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  • Mary Z

    Wow you are good. I have not run into this problem yet but when I do I know who to come to for help. Everyone must be busy this summer, the blogging is a little slow.

  • The Lancaster's

    I was introduced to your baking blog by some of my friends. I absolutely love it and I get all my recipes from there. I have tried numerous and they all turn out delicious. I also wanted to tell you thank you for your sweet comments about my family "V" on Danielle Hone's Photo blog. Also thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog, it is much appreciated!

  • The Russells

    Thanks for the heads up! I've been running into this problem on a few sited I visit and this helped alot! Lady…you work too hard!! After I read what you did {from your last comment on my blog} I was soo tired just reading about it! You are super woman!! Amazing!! Have a great day!