I had to pass on this fabulous, easy recipe.
It’s great if you are having a “~I got to have a cupcake now attack~”
I also think it would be fun for the little ones to help with,
or a great idea for Achievement days or Young Women’s Activity.
So simple and easy!

1 Angel Food Cake Mix–make sure the only ingredients to add is water
1 regular Cake Mix–any flavor
Hot Chocolate Mug
Mix the two cake mixes together in a zip lock bag.When making the cupcake, put 3 Tblsp water in the mug, add 1/3 cup of the cake mix and stir until there are no lumps or dry mix. It will be foamy. Put in the microwave for 1 Minute. It will dump right of the mug when it is done.

Frost with your favorite frosting…..add coolwhip, and sprinkles
Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!
This is a great after school snack or an anytime snack when you are craving sweets (and not worrying about eating healthy). The kids will have lots of fun with it.Hope you enjoy it too!
Store remaining mix in a ziploc bag or tight container….ready to use anytime you need
a quick cupcake.
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