Oh…..The Wonderful Sun!

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The sun is beaming today, and it makes me happy. Even my dirty windows, can’t dampen the joy…that only the sun can bring. I realize, that what makes one person happy……might not stir emotions in another.

As I grab for my vacuum, it hits me! This incredible invention also makes me very happy. People who know me, also know…”If my vacuum isn’t functioning…..it’s a very bad day!:

As I was making beautiful lines in my carpet, my mind focused on a conversation I had with my daughter. We talked about how much we like to “blog.” If only for a moment, it allows you to sit down, really think…….and clear your head. We also find enjoyment in reading blogs of friends and family. The current, up to date connections are amazing. I wonder however,………”How many of us “sugar-coat” our posts??

We know, that many pondering eyes will be looking, reading and gasping at what we write?” We talked about needing two blogs. One blog, would be used for honesty, and “REAL – LIFE!” The other one for “The perfect life, we want others to think we have.”

I love quotes, and here is one for today:

“Always be a first – rate version of yourself,

instead of a second – rate version of somebody else”

Judy Garland


Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we could all become “REAL.” Myself included. I guess that becoming real…..probably can’t happen over night. It probably occurs late in life, when all your hair has fallen out, your eyes barely focus…..&…..your joints forget that they are joints!

These things really shouldn’t matter though. Once you are “real,” you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand! It’s a kind of …..”Truth or Dare”…..thing.

You’ve all probably heard the saying:
“Be what you seem to be, and seem to be what you really are.”

I think that this, is what it means to be “real.” It is much easier said than done. I need some practice myself. I’m one who always seems to be caught up and worried, about what others think! Maybe it’s more of a woman thing. Seems to me, a lot of problems……are “woman” things.
“REAL…..must mean the contentment of our own soul.
I guess if our soul doesn’t feel “welcome”……..we try to become something or someone we’re not. It’s an every day challenge, for most of us!
I have come to the conclusion, that being real motivates others. You suddenly realize that you’re o.k! REAL PEOPLE…. can be your life preserver, they keep you afloat!
“Maybe being oneself, is an acquired taste!”
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