O.K…….this post is for all you 40 and above viewers.
(Maybe even 30, but I’m probably stretching it)
If you wake up with water bags under your eyes,
that could easily float the Titanic…..keep reading.
I’ve found a new friend, that will never leave my makeup bag again.
In fact, I will buy a 2nd one, so when the 1st one is gone, I don’t panic!
It’s this:

This cute little Green Alien, is the Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller. It comes in a neat stand up, hard green plastic tube. There is a small twist off cap. Underneath the cap you have a metal rolling ball, which is used for easy application.
It’s Promises:
Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller’s name alone basically tells you what it was designed to do. Besides renewing your skin though it will also reduce fine lines, dark circles, and it will relax the skin making the area around your eyes look rejuvenated, bright, and new. According to the box, your eyes will look renewed and refreshed. After one weeks time with daily use your eyes will have reduced puffiness, and reduced dark circles. Using it for longer will increase the reduction of dark circles and puffiness.
My Testing:
So far, I have been using Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller for around 2 weeks now, and I’m here to talk about my results…
First I will say that the metal roller ball is by far my favorite feature about the product. When I rolled the metal ball across the surface of my skin it immediately gave off this comforting cooling sensation that I really liked. The serum comes through the metal ball and allows you to have complete control over where it is applied. No messes here! I apply it religiously, at night and first thing before my morning shower. It’s not a miracle by any means, but it really does reduce the bags of water under my eyes.
Secret: I’ve also been applying this on my neck, that’s beginning to look like a gobbling turkey….if you know what I mean! See I’m really getting my moneys worth here. If I remember right, it will cost you $12.00 or more. Not cheap, but I will definitely be buying another one of these cute little pens!
Just thought you would like to know!…… if I’d stop eating pretzels, with all that salt, maybe I wouldn’t need this cute little friend at all.
These are so good: The Snack Factory, Pretzel Crisps, thin crunchy pretzels. (Sams Club)

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