Material or Necessity?

Ocassionally, I like to listen to talk radio. Sometimes it irritates me, but once in a while it gets my attention. The other day he asked listeners this question, and it popped in my head today, while I was cleaning the house. Here’s the question:

“If you could only keep one material item in your home…
everything else you had to give away
What would it be?”
**Note: It couldn’t be family photo’s, or other family treasures….those of course are most important…..and he didn’t consider those material….it could not be your home in general, or even your vehicle….he considered those necessities in today’s world. Those were his rules.
It had to be something that you could give up …. but would not want to!
Something maybe frivolous…..that you really enjoy, but could get along without it if you had to.
What one material item would you keep, and give everything else away?????
If this is considered a material item……
then I guess I would have to keep this…I couldn’t live without it!
However……. If my vacuum is considered a necessity,
and I’d like to think that it is,
then I am keeping my ……..
I’m curious…..what would everyone else keep????
Leave me a comment with your one keep, and I will list the items in a future post.
I think we will have an assorted list. After all…..what is important to one person, isn’t necessarily to another!!
*Remember the rules!
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