O.k….you know you’re losing it, when you bounce the clothes in the dryer for at least 10 minutes or so…..open up the dryer to fold those clothes, & there are NO CLOTHES in the dryer!!

Or….how about the time when I was hunting all over for the phone, (keep in mind that while I was doing this, I was actually talking on the phone with one of my daughters)…I won’t mention her name. I’m sure she would rather not claim me!
I’m wondering if I have a problem, or if the rest of you also do stupid things like this??
I also think that I will go …give my brain a work-out. Medical experts say that these are the two best ways to actually exercise your brain!
If you need me……I will be running on the treadmill, while doing crossword puzzles….& eating the sugar cookies I just finished making!!!
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