~ it could only be…God’s Hands!

Last night, the view was amazing. I captured these photo’s from my deck. They are untouched, since I have absolutely no idea how to enhance them. One day I will learn though.
I’m putting it on the list, with a million other things I hope to do.
I need to take lessons…..
from my photographer daughter -Chant!

. . . . .it’s Pioneer Day,
Two years ago, I was at Martin’s Cove, trying to taste just a little bit of what the Pioneers must have felt. Kenny & I were a Ma & Pa with ten of our children for 3 nights. We took the YM, YW in the entire stake. About six-hundred-ninety-seven people attended! It was a lot of planning & hard work, but it was well worth it.
We all made bonnets and long dresses, and the men & boys dressed in pioneer attire as well.
We pushed heavy handcarts & carried our 5 gallon buckets with all our possessions for 3 days.
We walked & pushed handcarts in the hot wind & deep sand.
We pushed our handcarts up heavily rocked, steep hills, without the aid of the men, just as the pioneer woman & children had to do, when the men were called to fight in the battalion.
We crossed the sweetwater with our handcarts.
We watched babies die, and watched & cried as families had to leave them on the side of the trail.
We would all do it over again!
I can’t help but ache for the pioneer’s who made such a sacrifice for all of us. They starved…..we had plenty of food. They froze…..we had hot weather, & slept in warm tents each night.
They crossed the Sweetwater when the water was cold & frozen.
We carried life size dolls…..they buried real live babies.
Many women lost their husbands…..I’m gratefully still sleeping next to mine each night.
It was just a little glimpse…..a very little glimpse…..I’m thankful for that glimpse.
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