I Lost My Contact down the sink!

I was panic stricken last night. I lost my right contact down the sink. Now, some of you might not think that is a big deal, but it is! I am literally blind without them…I call them my eyes!
I always plug the sink, and I also cover the plug with a wash rag, to prevent this from happening. The pull, that plugs my sink broke the other day, and so I was unable to plug it with the stop. I did however, put a nice thick wash rag over that hole.

As I proceeded to wash my contact between my fingers, I dropped it, while the water was running. Great…..just great! I quickly shut off the water, and searched that wash rag high and low, but to no prevail. It was know where to be found. I picked up the wash rag, thinking it might be stuck underneath. NOT!

Now….I had two choices:

1. I could pretend it didn’t happen, and wear a very old, spare, right contact, that I knew wasn’t the right prescription or size, for that matter.


2. I could go tell my dear sweet husband! If I chose this, I knew I would be getting the “husband’s lecture!” I looked under the sink, to see if I could figure out on my own…..how to take it apart. I’m dumb….but not that dumb! He’d wonder what I was doing in the bathroom for so long! But….. I also knew that I would have to clean out under the sink, for him to be able to get under there.


I was really tempted to just let that contact go to the depths of…..who knows where.
I also quickly reminded myself that my hard contacts cost about $250.00 for a new pair,
and the old spare, would drive me crazy, until I ordered a new one. So…I took a big gulp,
walked out of the bathroom, and proceeded to tell my husband my bad news.
Of course……..I got “that look!”………I knew I would! Keep in mind, he didn’t say anything, he just shook his head, and rolled his eyes. He headed to the garage to get a wrench. I headed to the bathroom to “clean out…under that sink.”
When he approached the bathroom and saw all the products scattered on the floor, he gave me the “HUSBANDS LECTURE!” You know the one that goes like this:
“Why on Earth does anyone need that much stuff?” “Why don’t you finish one bottle, before you buy another bottle?” “You have enough stuff for fifteen ladies!” “There is $500.00 worth of CRAP, and you don’t even know what you have, cuz you have so much stinkin crap!”
You get the picture? Well….I figured since I had to clean out under that sink, and dispose of some stuff that was a hundred years old, I would also show you products that I really like.
Here goes!
(I sold a lot of this stuff in my salon)

2. COOL MOISTURE BODY WASH…the cheap brand.
Cucumber & Green Tea…. it keeps my lizard skin soft!

I have 50 bottles of foundation, but keep going back to this one.

This is for all you old ladies like me, with grey hair! It is like a crayon. You wet it, and use it on your roots, in between your next color. It comes in many different shades….It’s a miracle!

5. AEROTAN….A must have product by Sexy Hair. This is genious in a bottle. I don’t tan much, but I don’t like looking like an albino either! This is a spray that looks like a real tan. Honest! My hair dresser, always looked golden tan, and I was jealous. I asked her where she tans, and she handed me this amazing product! It works great on your legs….so you can where Capri’s
and not scare people!

This is a winner. It does not stink or make you orange. I rub it on every morning when I get out of the shower. It doesn’t give you a dark tan, but it gives you a nice warm glow. Not orange either. Love it!

If you haven’t used this before…..Buy it! It works wonders. I haven’t sweat one day after using this…really.

If you color or foil your hair, this is a must. I use this every morning.
It’s a Salon product, you can’t buy this in the store, but….I can get it for you.

9. HERBAL ESSENCES: Body Envy & Set me up!
*Trust me….I’ve tried all the professional hairspray…..and still like this one the best. It also smells good, and washes out of your hair, easily.

I buy the COOL CUCUMBER. I love this product. It keeps zits away, and doesn’t dry your face out like an aligator!

11. OIL OF OLAY : Regenerist serum & Total effects.
After I wash my face at night, I always use both of these on my face afterwards. I buy the fragrance free, because anything else seems to sting my eyes. You will wake up in the morning with nice soft skin! Promise. FYI: (I don’t use this in the morning under my foundation. I use Oil of Olay Touch of Sun….daily moisturizer….it’s great.

12. Yes…..Your eyes aren’t deceiving you! This is my deep dark SECRET.
It’s EQUATE HEMORRHOIDAL CREAM I use this after I wash the makeup off my face. I apply the Oil of Olay products above, then I dab a small amount of this cream under each eye. I very rarely wake up with bags under my eyes. When I forget, and don’t use this…..I could take a good swim, with the water bags under my eyes!!! *Make sure if you use this, you buy the Equate brand, and only the cream. Don’t use the other name brand produt! The equate brand has absolutely no smell, and it does not burn or irritate your eyes.
Well….there you have it! I tag you all, to share your favorite products with me and the rest of the blogging world. PLEASE!

Oh yeah…..My wonderful husband did retrieve my contact! RELIEF.

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