Grrrrrrrrr…….A Call for Help!!!

Lately, my blogging has been put on hold,
I’m allergic to something, other than mold.
My hard contacts have been popped out and cleaned
a million times at least,
my eyes still water & itch, and I’ve turned into a beast.

My nose is stuffed, but my eyes are running,
I’m in the house, but I’d rather be sunning.

I’d like to claw my eyes out, they have an outrageous itch,
and all this itching & watering, is making me a witch.
I thought of a better word, but didn’t dare use it.
Some say it’s the trees, others say it the grasses
All I know, is I’m living in my glasses. (Which I hate!)
and after all the pills, all the drops……..nothing seems to help or matter,
It’s o.k…….I will just stay inside, EAT & get fatter!!
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