If you had asked me a few ago, if I would ever takes 7-10 day trips on the narrow, back seat of a Harley…….I would have said: “NOT A SNOWBALL CHANCE IN !!!” Well…you get the picture. Needless to say, it’s one of the most enjoyable, fun & exciting things my husband & I have ever done.
When I was first approached about buying a Harley, not to mention LEATHERS,….chaps & all, and going with several other couples across the United States & even into Canada, I thought they were all nuts!!! Well, now I’m one of those nuts. Most of the pictures you are seeing, are from our trip to Victoria & Whistler Canada, and just recently our trip over Bear Tooth Pass near Cody, WY. It’s considered to be the most beautiful highway at 10,947 ft. in elevation, and called the Top of the World! It’s the most gorgeous place.
When your children get a little older, if you ever have the chance to straddle the seat of a Harley, or any road bike for that matter…….don’t pass it up! You see things that you would never get the opportunity to see in a car or truck. There are a few small annoyances that you have to adapt to, like wearing a helmet, sore butt…..especially after about the 5th day, and of course learning how to lose that vain pride when showing off your helmet hair! Also, if you look closely at the back of our bikes, there is some luggage. One bag ….for two people….for at least a week! It’s amazing what you can pack, if you know how to roll & suck all the air out!!!
All in all……I hope we have many more years of riding under us.
Important to know: I used to laugh at those Leathers that people wear. 
WITHOUT THEM…..YOU WOULD FREEZE TO DEATH!!……even in the summer time.
They are not for looks, they are for warmth. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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