I think it’s amazing, everything that passes through ones brain in the span of five minutes or so. As I was preparing dinner – OH SO FABULOUS – BBQ PORK RIBS…..for the recipe go here:


* My Mind was a dither of many thoughts….American Idol was one of them.

I gotta watch Idol tonight….I think I already know who the winner will be, but………I’ve been shocked before. Either one of these guys is a winner.
I was also thinking about:

yeah…….you’re right………CELLULITE!
*Did you know that most men will never be bothered with cellulite?
Doesn’t seem fair…..now does it!
I bought this product the other day….knowing it really won’t work.
I ask you: WHY DID I BUY IT????
*You get cellulite by eating the Oh So Fabulous Pork Ribs!*
*This however does work: It not only works….it makes you feel fabulous.
*The only drawback……..you actually have to do it….everyday!
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This thought that has been haunting me as well:

*Instead of Blogging….I should be washing my filthy dirty windows!
update: 9 windows washed & here comes the rain!! grrrrrrr
1 drop of dawn liquid detergent
mixed with
1/2 – gallon hot water
Equals a great window cleaner
Don Aslett cleaners passed this tidbit to me….it is cheap, and it works great!
and……finally BLOGGING….enjoyable, but I waste a lot of time.
I noticed on another blog, that I check often….they wanted to meet 10 new bloggers each week.
I thought it might be fun to meet some “new Lurkers” as well.
I’m hoping that those of you I do know, and some…who I might not know,
will leave me a “Hi, and a link to your blog.”

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