I shake my head, as I realize that my 3 favorite hobbies, conflict greatly with my goal to “stay fit!” You ask what those 3 things are:

1. Playing the piano
2. Cooking/Baking
3. Computer/Blog

Not one of the above burns calories!! So that’s my dilemma. Do I give up the things that make me happy, to keep my thunder thighs from ballooning? Yes, I exercise……but the older you get, the harder it gets. Trust me on this one. Running 3 miles on the treadmill and also 20 minutes of pilates every morning, isn’t cutting it any longer. I’m not willing to go up a pant size without a fight!!!!

One of my assignments this week, is to make 8 dozen bars or cookies for church on Sunday.
(yes…..a Fathers day treat!) I’ve been rummaging through all my cookbooks, and yes…I have a lot of them. I want to find the perfect treat for this special plate. Today is a good day to curl up to a warm fire and read cookbooks. It snowed today!
As I was searching through my mess of books, I came across a much cherished one.
You will get a kick out of this one:
This Cookbook is OLD! It belonged to my Grandma Lunsford.

Copyright 1927 Cost: Two Dollars

I can’t resist typing the opening page for you!
Here is what it says: (trust me…it’s worth reading!)
To many people electric refrigeration is still such a novelty that they scarcely realize the range of its possibilities. It is almost like having an Aladdin’s lamp and not knowing the right way to rub it. With a General Electric Refrigerator, simple recipes, easily prepared, produce delightful results. The refrigerator itself requires no attention, not even oiling, and is surprisingly easy to keep clean.
The owning of such a refrigerator is a form of health and happiness insurance which every homemaker in America should have the privilege of enjoying. The information on the following pages is intended to make the use of this newest model as pleasant and valuable as possible.

Most of all, I hope that you will find real joy in creating new frozen combinations and finding new uses for your new Refrigerator.
Alice Bradley

It then goes on to say that:

“Planning three meals a day, three hundred and sixty-five days in the year, may be a most interesting game or may result in a deadly monotony of dishes!”

Boy……..isn’t that the truth!

It also has a section called: “Menus for Afternoon Bridge” Now that’s funny. Does anyone still play Bridge? I really should remember how to play Bridge and Canasta, after all, I played it almost daily in the summer time with Grandma. How come I’ve forgotten….I don’t have a clue!
Another page of interest in this cookbook is titled: “Concerning refrigerators”
This page is a convince all page of WHY the consumer should BUY a refrigerator! It says:

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, nature can furnish you with adequate refrigeration only a few days during the year. To keep milk, butter and other foods palatable and in a safe condition refrigeration is necessary in both summer and winter.


Oh yeah, I decided to make these:
For the recipe, check out my cooking blog:

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