~Blogging is more addictive than Chocolate~

I really didn’t plan on starting the New Year, with a new habit!
I have already been re-connected with people that I haven’t seen or heard from in a very longtime. It took a while to convince myself, but I now realize the “blessings” of blogging.

If I can only convince these people: Dad & Mom – Heidi & Mike – Rick & Leslie
Danny & Judy – Jamie & Jared – Doug & Susan – my husband’s family, and all my other friends. You all know who you are. If I can figure it out….anyone can!

My oldest daughters…Brandi & Chantri, have been using every known method, & some… newly created desperate methods, to “potty train” their little sons; Logan and Bridger.

I have lended my motherly advice, but I’m not sure they are heeding it! I know …that I, was never blessed with “boys”, but I have a …

“Tried and True method.”

This method worked on me, and it should work on these sweet little 2 yr. olds as well!


Pick them up by their heels……Place head down inside toilet bowl……
Make sure that hair touches water……and FLUSH THAT TOILET!


Child will honestly think he will be “flushed down the toilet.” Not to worry!
After Child throws a “fit”, pull him out of the bowl…….
and repeat this statement several times:
COST: Absolutely free! This method has been used by Fathers around the World.
Particularly one that resides in Evanston, Wyoming. He tried it on his little daughter, with great success. He does not currently have a blog, but… you can email him, to get further instructions. His email is: jonconl@msn.com
DISCLAIMER: If for some small reason your child exhibits these signs: uncontrolled crying, shaking, screaming, arms flying in the air, or continued wetting & pooping……..try try again! For those of you, that are reading this, and feel this method will devastate a child forever…. rest assured…it won’t. My Dad used this method on “me” and I don’t remember a thing. I just happened to be 3 yrs old! My Dad had…..”had it!” I never wet or pooped my pants again!
Light bulb moment: Suddenly I find myself thinking? ………”Is this what’s wrong with me Dad?”

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