A Little Creativity…& ALOT Of Great Help!

A friend from Rexburg called me today & asked me if I still had pictures of a Young Women Dinner we did a while back. She was interested in how we decorated. I told her I would post the pictures on my blog.

We decorated with Black Table Cloths, and large Gerber Daisies that matched each Value Color. I ordered different sizes of Floral Brocade bags & boxes, as well as the tissue paper, from a company called: NASHVILLE WRAPS. They have every bag & box known to man, and in every color. You should check it out. They are also much cheaper than you could ever buy them in a store.

I found these neat square plates at Sams Club. On each plate, we placed a black ring box….filled with a hazelnut truffle, & tied them with black & white polka dot ribbon. It’s a colorful way to decorate for an event. Our speaker talked on the Gifts of the Spirit, & the Gifts of Individualty.
Hopefully this might be useful to someone else out there!

(click on the pictures to enlarge them)

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