Wiped Out But Thankful

Since I officially DO NOT have a life, outside of the walls of our Garden . . . I thought I’d share.

My hubbie is out there at about 5:00 A.M. on the dot . . . EVERY MORNING!

I however feel the need to put on Makeup and do my hair before joining him.


I must be insane!  By the time I burrow deep in the ruins of the Raspberries, along with the Grasshoppers and the Daddy Long Legs I look like HELL!  I literally look like I have at least 15 cats, because my arms and legs are scratched from top to bottom.  Tonight, I looked at my hubbies arms . . . his are basically scratchless!  I just don’t get it.  He doesn’t get me!  Anyway, if it sounds like I’m complaining . . . I am!  However, I’m thankful for a full freezer and happy neighbors who have received nice big Raspberries, all picked and hand delivered. We have also been eating new little potatoes, peas and carrots for a couple of weeks now.  The corn and beans will soon be ready, and I’m trying to gear for that.  Just so you know, my hubbie is in his 7th heaven while he’s buried in the garden.  I just follow like a puppy dog . . . act like I’m enjoying it and occasionally bite him every now and then!  I’m also Thankful that I have a hard working husband who is trying to make me into a Farm girl . . . just ainta gonna happen! 

This seems to be what takes the most time. 

They need picked daily . . . We have a lot of them.  The berries are as big as your thumb!

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They do make wonderful treats though.

Raspberry Blueberry Cream Tarts and Huckleberry Raspberry Freezer jam.

If you want the recipes, go to Get Off Your Butt and BAKE!

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We have Tomato’s and Corn.

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 We have Broccoli and plum trees.

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We have Beans and Peas.

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We have Carrots, and just look at the lovely little flowers on top of the Potatoes.

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Thanks for visiting our Garden.

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Winter . . . are you coming anytime soon???

All we have to do in the winter is shovel!

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  • I sure wish you were my neighbor 🙂 What an awesome garden!!! I am so jealous. I hve never seen such big raspberries in my life! Lucky you.

    I just put up 54 pint jars of carrots. They look so pretty in the jars, I just love them.

  • Liana Wilson

    I have been so inspired to get off my butt and bake lately! Thanks for such an awesome blog full of great cooking ideas! And your photography is amazing too!

  • Oh, WOW, Jonna! Your hubs’ garden is huge. I do understand your plight…I’m not into dirt and digging, and that kinda stuff but I do love the fresh fruits and veggies.

    I wanna be your neighbor! Just think of all the other fruits and veggies your hubs could grow here in FL and there is NO shoveling. 🙂

  • Lynn

    Oh my! Look at all that deliciousness.

    I totally get your plight, though. Your words took me back to my teen years. My parents had an acre and a half of garden. It was weed, weed, pick, and irrigate. All summer. Day in and Day out. Loads of work. Funny though……..I think now that all that work must be SO worth the taste of fresh. Wow. Never saw such huge raspberries before. Yum!

  • Rachel Poole

    I wish I lived by you…I love raspberries and mine don’t look nearly as good as yours. For some reason, here at my home in Rigby, my raspberries don’t like me! I believe I got 4 this season. Hopefully my green thumb will get better!

  • HOLY (BEAUTIFUL) garden!!!!! How do you do it all?

    PS I’m here to REMIND you it’s time to update your blog, woman! Get out of that garden and come inside!!!!!

  • Tracy

    Loving your blogs and thanks for sharing. Do you use products from Gardens Alive? How do you keep you plants so healthy?