At my age, you become more aware of what goes in the mouth, because it slides to the hips . . . then stops!  

Hense the name of this blog:  “CHOCOLATE TASTES BETTER . . . at forty nine.

I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process….
It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?

I originally created my header to say  – “Chocolate tastes better . . . at fifty. Technically, I’m not quite fifty, but I wanted to start bending my mind in that direction!

I left that header there for about a day, then quickly decided I didn’t want to be fifty quite yet.
(even though it looks so good on you Rexann)

I don’t turn fifty until June, and I will just wait quite patiently until then.  When that day comes, I will decide then to turn fifty or stay forty-nine.  Uggg  I guess you will have to wait and see if my header changes.

Anyway, back to my first thought.  Oh yes . . . the hips! I’m very choosy about what calories I will allow to implode my hips and thighs.  Chocolate . . . tastes better at forty nine.  Why you ask?

When I was younger and dumber, any chocolate tasted good.  Now, I’m much more calorie conscious. Those of you who are my age and older, also know that you have to ‘eat less, and excercise more’ to maintain your weight. I still love Chocolate, but it tastes much better now, because the quality of chocolate I consume is not that waxy variety of yesterdays past. I pick and choose my allowance of sweets a little wiser now-a-days. My Chocolate fix comes in other ways.

 Hense the name  “MY CHOCOLATE DROPS.”

So just what are my Chocolate drops?  answer:  The taste of sweet, without the calories!  Chocolate drops blog will be mainly a photo gallery of those drops, and how I get my chocolate fix.

 I will leave a couple drops here:

COOPER . . . my newest chocolate drop.
picture courtesy of:
OAKLEIGH . . . dropped about six months ago!
picture courtesy: 
taken by me and my Nikon D90
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  • Brandi

    MOM…your just the best! I need to exchange my calories for my chocolate drops. I figures it out today that I weigh about as much as all your chocolate drops combined…yuck!!! Chant and I were laughing at how we wanted to loose a logan.
    Mom just so you know I think 50 will look as wonderful on you as it does on Rexanne. You are incredibly beautiful. I love you and I love your chocolate analogies.

  • The Carter Life

    Mom…I love the new name for your blog. I love your chocolate drops to. They are pretty dang cute! You will look fantastic at 50! You will not age at all. When all of the girls are together everyone thinks we are sisters…what does that tell you? You have a long ways to go before you look old. Keep up the good work! Luv Ya Tons!