These are my frightening little goblins!  They create a lot of laughter and excitement around these parts. Thanks to Chantri our Photographer and Background designer, we had a spooky kind of picture taking day!
We have Addisyn the Bumble Bee, Logan the Dirt Biker, Boston the Lady Bug, Bridger plays the role of Captain Hook, and Oakleigh is our sleepy little Tiger Cub!  It just doesn’t get any sweeter than this, and we didn’t even have any candy on the premises. Thanks Moms & Thanks Chant for putting all my little ghosts in one fabulous picture!
Oakleigh is now 3 months old!
Addisyn and Boston
2 years old!
Logan and Bridger
4 years old!


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  • Jessica

    OH.MY.HECK!! I think your 5 little spooksters are WAAAAY too cute!
    The little sleeping tiger is just precious.
    I LOVE the bumble bee and ladybugs legs!
    and you got 2 handsome studs in the mix for sure!
    Thanks for sharing. I miss getting to see Chants work on her website – dang "passwords"!

  • Brooke

    Wow what cute little spooksters for sure!! Love all their outfits 🙂 I've been sooooo excited for Halloween (and it's not usually my fav) but dressing my little Bridger man has been fun! Even though he HATES his costume. He he.

  • Brandi

    They are all adorable!!! It was an experience for sure trying to get everyone to cooperate…oh the joys of motherhood, and grandmotherhood (right)! It has been fun this year because I think all of them are just so excited about there costumes!

  • Brittany

    Oh my heavens they are the cutest little spooks ever! What fun!

  • Jonna

    Thanks again Chant for getting us all together!