I’m convinced.

Convinced that if my hubbie had to choose between me and . . .

the garden,

He would certainly choose . . .

the garden!

I’d like you to meet Pete.

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Pete’s the newest member of our family.

He’s the “Keeper of the Seed.”

His job is 24-7.

As my hubbie puts it . . . “You won’t watch the garden, so somebody has to!”

You see, I’m suppose to keep my eye out for these beautiful creatures.

Oh Yes . . . let’s not forget the pesky pheasants that also sneak by me.

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This one turned to look at me as if to say . . . Ha Ha.

You’re in trouble now!

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Save some for me . . .

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Pete just sat there.

He’s fired!

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Some how, it was my fault . . . instead of Pete’s.

For Pete’s sake.

Less peas to pick – I win!



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  • Brandi

    I am laughing so hard!!! Well Pete sure looks like a handsome little guy. I am so sorry that he didn’t do a very good job of keeping the critters away and I am even more sorry that you got blamed for Pete failing his job! At least you got some good pictures of the little cuties before they ran off!!! How did it feel to fire Pete???

  • Lynn

    LOL!!! Good one. I would of fired Pete too. ; D

  • LOL! I’m dying here. Pete is good looking, but in a freaky way!! ha ha ha ha ha. That was a good post! Logan can’t wait to go out in the garden with Papa! He’s begging me here to be there! Love you.

  • Barb

    Ha Ha! You’re hilarious. Great post.