So Prepare . . . React Innocently . . . Nethertheless  Grow

I really wanted to see if my camera could focus, on anything but pictures of food.

I found new life.

My eyes watered the entire time!

Ahhhh spring.

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This large tree is dead . . . but new life is found there!

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Do you know what the above pic is?  It is a Christmas plant that is still blooming after 2 years!

and finally . . .

Some people are happy wherever they find themselves.

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SPRING . . .

simple, poised, renewed, intense, nutured, grace

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  • Brandi

    Those pictures are just incredible. I LOVE the one of the tree with the blur. So neat. Hopefully Spring has sprung for real this time and it isn’t just teasing us again.

    I wonder why this blog doesn’t update on my blog roll…I think that is really weird!

  • Jonna – LOVE all your photos and thoughts! Your blurry tree-photo is very cool. Did you zoom in while taking the photo! Nice job. KEEP UP THE POSTING – your posterity THANKS YOU for it!!!!! Plus, I love reading and looking!!!

  • Lovely photos, Jonna!

  • Sherie

    Love the Creamy Cheese Potatoes. I added a sweet onion which made it better in my family book. I can not have a lot of salt and pepper does not get along with my stomach. I am looking forward to add sour cream and bacon the next time I cook these potatoes.

  • Dawn

    Awesome recipe. I have done one similar to this but with hash-browns. This one was much more tasty with my own potatoes. Did add sweet onions and bacon. Still Awesome!!