Knock Knock.

Who’s There?


Deer Who?


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Everyday . . . Deer visit me.

They are eating every bush and tree that resides in our yard.

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I can go outside, and almost be right on top of them . . . they don’t care!

I took these pictures through the glass on the side of my front door.

This little guy was literally by the front step.

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I think that they are quite beautiful!

My round topiary trees are almost gone now…..ugg.

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This guy just stared at me, through the glass.

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They must be really hungry!

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Pretty soon . . . they’ll have to find a new yard to chew on.

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  • Lynn

    Wow! I can see the “fuzz” on their ears they were so close. What beautiful animals. Sorry they are making lunch of your yard, though!

  • jessica

    Oh, that new yard was ours. This is the most deer we have seen in our 4 years of living here. I have loved it. Sorry to hear about your plants. Love your photo’s.

  • Mark

    Hey Jonna, Iris has told me about your site, it all looks tasty. Say hello to Kenny and the girls for us. Mark

  • Now I KNOW what you do with ALL that food you cook up during the week!!!!! . . . house (yard) guests!

  • Tracy

    I truly enjoy your blogs. Can I ask what kind of camera you use? Your photos are magnificent. Thank you for sharing such fun things to read and cook with us all.