Meet our newest little Bundle from Heaven!
 This little guy is just perfect, and his name is:

He was born November 28th.
Cooper didn’t waste any time either.
Just a couple of hours after arriving at the hospital,
he made his grand appearance.
I got to see the whole wonderful, amazing miracle!
Thanks for that experience Brandi and Jason
I’ve had four of my own,
it’s a little hard to see the process,
when you’re the one doing all of the work.
Who could ever deny a Father in Heaven,
when you hold a newborn baby in your arms.
He’s perfect……just perfect.
We have six grandkids now, and we’re feeling very blessed.
We now have a:
and now a
Cooper has the middle name of Kenneth.
That happens to be his Grandpa’s first name.
I think he kinda looks like “Kenny” as well.
Lucky little dude!

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  • Jessica

    HE IS… a cute little guy! I could not get enough of him! I think he is carrying on a pretty special name, I am sure Grandpa is proud!

  • Mary Z

    He is adorable and just in time for the holidays. I need to get busy and try some of your recipes. I'm lucky to pour cold cereal these days.

  • Lynn

    Awww! He's adorable! Congratulations again! I LOVE his birth date. ; )

  • Brandi

    Cute little layout! I think he is adorable if i do say so myself. Thanks again for everything. I love you.

  • Danielle

    oh your post made me cry!! lately everything is making me cry but none the less I miss you and I love you and I agree, how could you deny a father in heaven!

  • Barbara

    Congratulations on another little one.
    I have decided “Grandchildren are the way we get through growing old”!!!
    Merry Christmas and enjoy that new little one.
    Fondly, Barbara