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 This little one is growing up so fast, and since her Mom doesn’t seem to blog . . . I figured I better.

Since I’m the Grandma, I think I have the right.

I’m certainly not great at capturing Studio quality photos, but these will do in a pinch.

She is about 19 months old . . . 2 yrs in July!

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I think this picture is the sweetest little face . . . but she was not happy with me.

She wanted to get up & play!

So that’s what we did.

Oakleigh loves my piano.

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I just had to zero in on her cutest little boots.

In a month they probably won’t fit her anymore!

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She has grown a lot since I took these sweet pics.

Oakleigh collagePin ItSweet Gifts from heaven!

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  • Lynn

    Oh my gosh!! She is adorable!!!!!

    You take breathtaking photos. Sure wish I had just a nibble of that talent. Amazing photos.

  • Ok, when are you opening your photography studio???!!! Is there anything you CAN’T do? Yes, it’s time you stepped in and got this BLOGGING done – yes, gma’s have that responsibility of taking over when the kids drops the ‘baton’!!!!! These photos are beautiful – what did you use to edit them? YOU MUST SHARE – come and visit and leave a comment!!! What beautiful grandkids!

  • Stephanie

    She is so cute I just love that little girl…..great pictures.

  • pamm

    Shut the front door. Those photos are AMAZING and your grandchild is beyond beautiful. You really need to GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND TAKE YOUR PHOTOGRAPY TO THE NEXT LEVEL! I am in awe!

  • Shannon Carter

    Thanks for taking those pictures Mom…I’m proud to say that she’s my daughter! They are so cute! I love them!

  • Cleta

    Beautiful baby girl. I know you are so proud. Blessings, Cleta

  • jessica

    She IS Beautiful!!!!! And you take amazing photo’s. You are as good as any pro!

  • For not being a professional photographer, those are really good pictures!!! And your granddaughter is absolutely adorable! She’s just a little bit younger than my daughter 🙂

  • Amelia

    She is beautiful and these are amazing photographs! What camera do you use?

  • Thank You Amelia.
    My camera is a Canon 5d MarkII and I believe the lens I was using that day was a 24-105 L lens

  • Absolutely beautiful! I love your photos of your adorable little granddaughter! We are so looking forward to future grandbabies to hug, hold and love!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I found you while blog hopping and so happy I did :o) I also checked out your yummy other blog “Get off your butt and Bake!”
    If you get a chance to stop by, please leave a comment so that I know you were there.

  • Lisa

    Those are beautiful pictures and I’m sorry but I thought I had the most beautiful granddaughter…WOW, I guess we can share the title :o)

  • Alex

    Hi I´m following your baking blog but the link is not working :s Please tell me is not going to disappear 🙂