I’m almost embarrassed to post pictures of beautiful little ones, since I have daughters who are fantastic photographers.  They will simply have to look the other way, because these are too cute to not share! While babysitting, I tried really hard to capture a few moments. Trying to photograph these two little busy beavers . . . is almost next to impossible.  Logan was a bit more accommodating, but as for Bossie . . . FORGET IT!  I swear, I have the cutest Grand-kids on the whole earth.

When you are taking pictures of sheer beauty, it simply doesn’t matter if they pose!


a.k.a -“Bossie”

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a.k.a. “Little Buddy”

No time to gel the hair!

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 I think he learned this look from his Dad! 

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 “You do whatever you want Nana . . . I’m NOT moving from this couch!”

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Logan is the best Eater I’ve ever met!

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I will tell you one more time . . . PUT THAT CAMERA AWAY!

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Don’t let this angel face fool you . . . This little one can certainly Hold her own!

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 “Grandkids are certainly a gift from Heaven!”


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  • I think you’re daughters get their photography talent from their mama!! Beautiful pictures!!! And beautiful little subject!! Have a great day!!

  • Your photos are breath-taking and your grandchillin’ are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.! You have a great talent of being a photographer as well as the most AMAZING cook – you astound me constantly! Well done.

  • Hi Jonna so sweet of you to pop on over to my other blog. Thank you for your kind comments. I am enjoying the project immensely. I love all your pics of your grand kids. Intent with your grandson is fantastic and the lighting just helps tell the story by bringing into focus his intense concentration. BTW love the new look of your site.

  • Tammie

    Hi Jonna!

    My sister-in-laws both referred me to your website. I’m so impressed! I am a personal trainer and group exercise specialist who LOVES to bake. My clients always love to find the balance that can be attained in life if done carefully. I always tell them, “You gotta live a little and be responsible in between;)”. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with this website. Your attention to meticulous detail with the photographs is wonderful and makes it not only inspiring to try the recipe but takes out a lot of the quesions one may have had in the process! My sister-in-law served the S’more cupcakes last night at a picnic. They were superb. My family loved them. I look forward to trying some recipes on your site and recommending them to my family, friends and clients.