WELCOME to Get Off Your Butt and WRITE.

Pin It The fact that I’m now posting to “Get Off Your Butt and WRITE” . . . almost seems like a miracle to me.  I know, it’s just a blog, but moving files from Blogger to WordPress.Org is a daunting process, for someone who knows absolutely NOTHING about hosting your own website!

 I’ve learned some big lessons over the weekend.   Here’s a run down of happenings . . . and deleted happenings!

  • Out of Blogger picture space . . . uggg  What to do, What to do?
  • Make a change for the better.  Dig right in.
  • It’s not exactly an easy process to switch to another Blog Platform.  It takes some learning first.
  • WordPress. Com and WordPress.Org are NOT the same thing. 
  • If you would like to know the difference, CONTACT ME.
  • I am using WordPress.Org.
  • You must find a host – Bluehost is a wonderful host . . . they saved me from Total Blog deletion . . . no kidding here!
  • Once you register your own Domain name, you must install software . . . or it’s empty.
  • Find the right Software you need to use.
  • Still not done . . . install your Template.
  • Try to find your way around your new home.
  • Import Blog from Blogger to new home. Yikes.
  • Frustration, Patience Jonna.
  • You are not to OLD to learn new things.
  • Yes you are . . . NO you are not!
  • Up and running, and feeling a little cocky here.
  • Move your other Blog – “Chocolate” to a new domain.
  • New Domain name though – “Get Off Your Butt and WRITE.
  • Download software – new template.  Back to Bluehost to confirm.
  • Accidentally hit wrong button, and DELETE entire:  Get Off Your Butt and BAKE! website.
  • Yes I did.
  • Blood drains from entire body, sick, sick, sick . . . sick some more.
  • Think Jonna think.  When all else fails call Bluehost.  Explain how dumb you are.

Bluehost comes to my rescue . . . they didn’t even make me feel like a newbie . . . EXCELLENT TECHNICAL SUPPORT!

I should be cleaning right now, and will be in just a few more minutes.  I changed my personal blog name, cuz it goes along with my baking theme. It’s simply a good reminder for me to Journal more, and take note of daily happenings.  I hope you come back often, as I intend to be a bit more prompt posting on this Get Off Your Butt and WRITE site! 

Remember that I’m easy to find:  http://justgetoffyourbuttandbake.com  and now  http://justgetoffyourbuttandwrite.com

I’ll be back after I clean my house….ugg


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  • Have you ever considered making your blog into a book and SELLING it?! I would (hands down!) buy it in a heart beat! It would save me so much paper and ink. Plus the running back and forth from the kitchen to the computer desk.
    Just sayin’!
    I have become a cooking genious thanks to you!