A “feel good” post.

I love fall.  It’s makes me feel good, even though I’ve had the stomach flu for a couple of days. 

This poor blog has been neglected . . . I guess I just can’t handle two blogs at the same time.

This video motivated me to “Get Off My butt and Write.”

Everytime I type that blog name I think the same thing.

It should read:  “Get On your butt and Write.”  It’s too late now, the domain name is bought and paid for!

I tend to keep up my baking blog: Get Off Your Butt and BAKE! . . . a tad better.

Go there for a delicious Caramel Apple post.

The summer has flown by, and I’ve been able to check off many . . . need to do’s, want to do’s and don’t have a choice to do’s!  Most of the warm summer days have been spent picking raspberries, hoeing the garden, mowing the lawn, and did I say weeds!  I think that’s why I love fall so much.  Everything is so beautiful with the oranges, golds, browns, reds . . . and the weeds don’t grow quite as fast.  This is the time of year that these beautiful purple flowers pop up all over my yard.  Take a look:

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 I went outside just a couple of days ago, and snapped a few pictures from our still growing garden.

It’s just amazing how long a garden will last, as long as they weather stays warm and you keep watering it.

We have lots and lots of these plums.

I will be making plum jelly this week.

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It’s un-real how many cherry tomatoes we’ve picked this season.

Still picking . . . and loving every juicy bite!

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Not to mention the big ones, that have now started to turn red.

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And . . . believe it or not this lone little Strawberry was waiting for me to eat it!

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The corn has been delicious and buttery and fattening as well.

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This is what potatoes look like after the vines have died.  We have been enjoying them for weeks now.

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Believe it or not, the broccoli is still hanging on, although the heads are much smaller.

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Look at the beautiful flowers on broccoli.

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Goodbye summer . . . Hello FALL!

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  • jessica

    Loved the video!!!! You guys have the best garden too.