Welcome to My Chocolate Drops
I’m glad you dropped by. 
 This blog is my Chocolate fix . . . sweetness without the calories!
Here you will find my favorite little drops of family and other pic’s that bring out my sweet side. Some drops are snapped by me, a very un-professional photographer.  I have daughters, however . . . who are acutally photographers, and are trying to teach their “old mom – new tricks,” using my new Nikon D90.  I’m slowly learning to use Manual Mode, instead of Auto. It’s a daunting challenge.
In any case, the photos contained here in, are sweet drops that will last a life-time.  Enjoy!
 my newest little chocolate drop!
Cooper Kenneth Park
all ready for the business world!
coops pic’s taken by: Chantri @
Meet . . . OAKLEIGH – 6 mo.
Oakleigh has the most beautiful blue eyes you ever did see.
Oakleigh Noel Carter
she’s our miracle baby!
Oakleigh’s pic’s were taken by me: jw
Meet . . . ADDISYN
Nickname: sassy Addi!
She is really tender, thoughtful and loveable.

Addisyn Sage Park

above 4 pictures taken by me – jw

Meet . . . BOSTON
Nickname:  “bossie”

She is . . . but she’s also spunky, energetic and very loving!

Boston Lynn Keele
. . . catch me if you can!

above 3 pictures taken by me: jw


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Fearless,  faithful guardian, respectful

Courtesy @ Studio CK Photography

Studio CK Photography

Meet . . . LOGAN
happy, courageous, ambitious

studio CK Photography

am i lucky or what? 
I hope you enjoyed your first preview of my Chocolate Drops.
looks like I need to have photo shoots with my boys!
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  • Brandi

    Oh mom I just love it. You have such a way with words, and it actually brought a tear to my face. Im emotional I guess. I love your chocolate drops. Your the best mom!!!

  • Megan

    Your chocolate drops are so sweet. Thank you for setting up this blog. I am just venturing into the world of really cooking and am excited to try some of your recipes. They seem so do-able and down to earth. Thank you again.