A couple of weeks ago, I took this little picture of Oakleigh Noel Carter. She has done a lot of growing and changing since then. I figured I better start snapping a few more pictures, since my photographer daughters don’t live close enough to capture all her “growth!” Her mommy doesn’t seem to have the time to Blog anymore, so I guess it’s my job. My picture taking ability is only minimal, so If I embarrass any of you…. then you will have to take over. Hint Hint. I’ve been able to love on her quite a bit, and she is the most peaceful baby I’ve ever seen. We have another sweet baby coming the first of December. How lucky are we!
~We Love you Oakleigh~

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  • bBchronicles

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aren't we so lucky?! She's BEAUTIFUL – well, beyond words! I want to rock her – I'll be right over.

  • Brandi

    I would love to rock her too…I miss her so much! That is a beautiful picture…I probably wouldn't even recognize her if I saw her in a line of babies…so sad! Thanks for posting that, I wish Shan would fine the time to post a few pictures of her!!! Love you little Oakleigh

  • Mary Z

    Great pictures, no need to worry about being embarrassed. I have missed checking the blogs. Now that my yard is basically finished for the year I am back on the blogger scene.