The power is off.  Puter dies.
Head for the garage, where your better half  lives most of the time.
“Honey . . . did you do that?”
Better half laughs – laughs some more – rolls the eyes.
Shut garage door.  Swear he has something to do with power outage!
Funny . . . how the world seems to STOP, when the power goes out.
Couldn’t read blogs, or write blogs.
Couldn’t iron white shirt or skirt for tomorrow.
Couldn’t cook or bake or microwave.
Couldn’t sit by a fire. 
Hubbie reminds me that ….. It’s my fault, since I made him move from our home that had a Wood fireplace!
CRAP!  CRAP again.
Grab a book – no.
Change 150 clocks in the house – Spring forward sucks!
Play the piano – yes.  My Piano never fails me!
Play the piano for two straight hours while power is out.
Play loud and hard . . . annoy hubbie, whom you believe made the power go out!
This isn’t me.
It’s Addisyn.
I started playing piano when I was five . . . she’s three.
When the power goes out, I’m very thankful for my piano.
I’m thankful for a Mom who made me practice.
I’m thankful for a Dad who paid for those lessons.
I’m thankful for a piano teacher who stuck with me for 13 years.
I’m thankful that the power just came back on . . . 2 1/2 hours later.
I betcha you’re thankful this post is over.
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  • SO FUNNY – not the power going out – but, I never thought of blaming hubby – I’ll have to remember that. SWEET POST! Beautiful photo AND YES, I’d love to listen to you play the piano for two hours AND blame hubby!!!!!

  • Brandi

    Why did you blame dad??? Thats so funny!!!
    Jessicas Kayden is getting baptised this saturday, and he called and asked me to play the songs for his program. I more then happily abliged to do this. IT WAS SO NICE to HAVE to sit at my piano and play. I LOVE it so muchm but when I do I have 20 extra fingers clunking at the keys…it really takes the fun away. IF ONLY…I had practiced like you asked, and IF ONLY I hadn’t challenged you tooth and nail everytime we had to practice. IF ONLY…but I am so grateful that I can sit down and play the little that I can, I just wish it wasn’t so little. I LOVE to listen to you play. It makes me feel so good inside. I just admire your ability to still challenge yourself, although I really don’t think there is anything you can’t play. I hope that my 3 like the piano, and stick with it. I love that picture of Addi…she looks like a natural sitting at that baby grand. But, I do have to say that she is only still 2…soon enough though, she will be 3!

  • WOULD YOU PLEASSSSSSSSSSE GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND WRITE MORE?????!!!!! . . . I mean, is that asking too much! . . . well if you’re baking me some cookies, I’ll totally understand!