I’m Jonna.

So happy you’re here. Please pull up a chair and sit a while.

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You probably haven’t heard that name much before.
It’s like the name Jon, with a na on the end.

I was named after my sweet Dad – Jon.

A little bit about me:
I love a clean, clutter free house.
I love to tickle the ivory’s on my Grand.
If I’m not baking, I’m playing the piano.
I am not a chef or professional cook . . . I simply pretend.
I am a wife of thirty four years, mom of 4 gorgeous girls, nana to 10  . . . who cooks.
You will not find difficult and time consuming recipes.                               

You will find impressive recipes, a bit of family life & inspiring finds.

 WHY THE NAME  . . . Get Off Your Butt and BAKE

Growing up, I learned to cook from my sweet Mom. She was busy raising 6 kids and often left the cookie jar task to me. As long as I would clean up the mess, she gave me free reign in her kitchen. I learned to make meals, but my true passion was creating desserts & other delectable sweets.

My 3 pesky brothers, could empty the cookie jar as fast as I could fill it. It seemed they were always taunting me . . . “Get Off Your Butt and Bake something!”

It was only logical, to bring this name to life on my baking blog.

I  urge you to stop buying and start baking again. It’s fun and relaxing and gives you a sense of purpose.

Mouth watering pictures, step by step narration and tutorials, will keep you yearning and learning for more.


The images appearing on Get off your butt and Bake are photographed by me unless otherwise noted.  If you would like to use any of images, please credit it with a link back to Get off your butt and Bake. For print usage, please seek my permission. For any images not belonging to me, please contact the owner of that image (as I have done) and seek their permission. Additionally, if there is a photo you would like to pin that is is not a Get off your butt and Bake original, please use the provided link and pin from the original source.

Please come and visit my home.


Thanks for stopping by. Please drop me a note now and then, so that I can visit you.

Happy Baking,



    I am very curious about you. You love to bake sweets and you stay thin? How? If I ever decide to start baking, I would end up getting fat. lol Any advise?

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