The other day I watched Addi and Bridger while their Mom & Dad went to Utah.

What do you do when a little 4 yr. old proclaims . . . “I’m bored” . . . at least 20 times before 9:00 a.m. in the morning? 

You quickly make a plan!

Addisyn, Bridger and I decided to change a boring day into a fun filled day.  We went to the ZOO. 

Take a look.

 Bridger got annoyed with my picture taking right along with the monkeys!

My favorite . . . Can you imagine walking around with all that hair, in this heat!

Addi takes time to pose for me . . . so sweet!

See the little guy at the bottom left . . . some days I feel that way!

The penguins have the most fabulous blue pool to swim in  . . . however, they just didn’t care to get wet!

Broken arm or not, Bridger was going to ride those rides!

Addi chickened out at the last moment.

When I asked what their favorite Animal at the Zoo was . . . It was the Goats!

Go figure.

 The end.

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  • Barb

    You are so funny!

  • Brandi

    MOM YOUR THE BEST!!! Bridge wakes up saying he is board…so THANKS for making it so much fun for the kids. You pictures are exquisit (sp)! I love them all. They really look wonderful and so beautiful. The colors are so vibrant. Sorry Bridge was getting frustrated with the picture taking…he doesn’t have a great deal of patience.
    I still think it is just hilarious that their favorite part of the zoo was the goats! I think it is just cause they were more hands on with them…but still, THE GOATS????? So funny!
    Again, THANKS TONS! The kids had a blast with you, and talk about it all the time. They wanted to have us drop them off yesterday while we exchanged our mattress. They just love to be with you, and you make them feel so special. We are so lucky!

  • Somedays I feel like the guy in the pic above your guy on the bottom left:-)

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